- Privacy Notice

Privacy Notice


1. Responsible party. SOLANA, with address at BOULEVARD CARLOS CAMACHO ESPIRITU KM10, SAN FRANCISCO TOTIMEHUACAN, PUEBLA, MEXICO CP 72560, is responsible for the collection of personal data from the Holder, the use given to such data and its protection.

2. Purposes. In compliance with the provisions of Article 15 of the Federal Law for the Protection of Personal Data in Possession of Private Parties (the “Data Protection Law”), in force as of July 6, 2010, SOLANA hereby informs you that the treatment of the personal data provided will be that which is necessary for the following purposes:

2.01 To provide the goods that it has acquired or is interested in acquiring;

2.02 To market other products or services offered by SOLANA;

2.03 To send invitations of any kind, either individually or in collaboration with other companies; 2.04 To send gifts; 2.05 To send invitations of any kind, either individually or in collaboration with other companies;

2.04 Send gifts;

2.05 Inform about changes in the products or services offered by SOLANA; 2.06 Inform about promotions;

2.06 To inform about promotions offered by SOLANA or by those companies with which it has entered into commercial alliances;

2.07 To evaluate the quality of the products and services offered by SOLANA;

2.08 To update the records and programs of SOLANA’s systems; 2.09 To comply with SOLANA’s requirements;

2.09 To comply with the requirements made by SOLANA, by governmental authorities; 2.10 To update SOLANA’s databases.

2.10 Update the databases of SOLANA’s Human Resources department.

2.11 Updating the list of Contacts in case of emergency of SOLANA’s employees.

2.12 Sending data for SOLANA’s statistical and reporting purposes.

3. Data to be obtained. For the purposes mentioned in paragraph 2, SOLANA may request the following personal data from you:
Name, nationality, domicile, marital status, registration number before the Federal Taxpayers Registry (if applicable), e-mail address, landline telephone number, cell phone number, age, names of relatives, landline and cell phone numbers of the latter, place of birth, sex,
C.U.R.P., Professional License number, address, occupation, background, academic training, and work experience.

In the event that SOLANA requires from You, sensitive data such as racial and ethnic origin, present or future health status, genetic information, union affiliation, political opinions or sexual preference, for the fulfillment of the purposes described in the preceding paragraph, SOLANA undertakes to: (i) justify at all times the storage by any means of such sensitive data in accordance with the provisions of article nine (9) of the Law, (ii) treat them under the strictest measures of security, responsibility and absolute confidentiality and (iii) obtain Your
express written consent, in accordance with the provisions of article 9 of the Data Protection Law.

SOLANA does not obtain personal data of its Data Controllers through publicly available sources, but it may acquire some of the above mentioned data through transfers in accordance with the provisions of section 6 below.

4. Security measures. SOLANA, as the party responsible for the processing of your personal data, guarantees the proper use of such data as well as its protection and confidentiality; for such purposes SOLANA has established administrative, technical and physical security measures to comply with the applicable regulatory provisions and with SOLANA’s internal policies.

5. Exercise of the Rights of Access, Rectification, Cancellation and Opposition (ARCO Rights). Pursuant to the Data Protection Law, as of January 6, 2012, the Owners of the personal data will have the right to access, rectify and cancel their personal data in possession of SOLANA, as well as to oppose the processing of such data for purposes other than the purposes described, or revoke the consent to process their personal data granted to SOLANANA, through the procedures that SOLANA has implemented for these purposes, as well as the provisions of Articles 28 and 29 of the Law. To learn about such procedures, requirements and applicable deadlines,
you may request to: contabilidad@solana.mx

5.01 The exercise of any of the ARCO Rights, as well as the revocation of the authorization with respect to the processing of personal data, will be free of charge for all interested parties; the only costs that will be charged to them for such concept will be, if applicable, the shipping, reproduction and certification of documents.

5.02 The exercise of the ARCO Rights will require the accreditation of the interested party’s personality, in the terms indicated and specified requested to: contabilidad@solana.mx.

5.03 SOLANA will respond to any request to exercise the ARCO Rights within a maximum period of (20) twenty business days, counted from the date on which it receives the corresponding request; unless an extension of such period is justified under the terms of the Data Protection Law.

5.04 The procedure and mechanisms for the revocation of the consent granted by you for the processing of your personal data, through this privacy notice will be as follows:

5.04.1 You must personally or through your legal representative (i) go to the address of the Responsible Party located at BOULEVARD CARLOS CAMACHO ESPIRITU KM10, SAN FRANCISCO TOTIMEHUACAN, PUEBLA, MEXICO CP 72560. to request a form for the revocation of the consent granted, or (ii) to request the sending of said form to the e-mail address contabilidad@solana.mx, which must be filled out and delivered to the legal representative (Alejandro Lara Sagastume), or sent by courier or mail to the aforementioned address, accompanied by the following documentation:

a) Copy of a valid official identification (credential of the Federal Electoral Institute, passport, national military service card or professional card; in the case of non-Mexican Clients, only a copy of a valid passport will be accepted).

b) In those cases in which the exercise of the right of revocation is made through its legal representative, in addition to the accreditation of the identity of both, the corresponding power of attorney granted before a Mexican notary public or power of attorney granted for such purposes and signed before two witnesses must be submitted and signed before two witnesses.

c) SOLANA will respond to such request within a period of twenty (20) business days from the date on which the form in question was received, together with the complete documentation, at the address indicated in section 5.04.1 above. SOLANA may extend this period
period for up to twenty more business days, when the case so warrants, prior notification to you.

The resolution adopted by SOLANA will be communicated to you through the options you have chosen, which are set forth in the aforementioned form.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, if you make a new request regarding the same matter within a period of less than twelve months after the previous one has been resolved, the costs of sending, reproduction and certification of the documents will be borne by the applicant.

For any questions or clarification regarding this process, please send an e-mail to contabilidad@solana.mx or call Alejandro Lara Sagastume at 222 281 2224.

6. Data Transfers. Your personal data may be transferred and processed within and outside the country, by (i) SOLANA; (ii) by the governmental authorities that regulate the aforementioned. The third party recipient, to whom your personal data is transferred, will assume the same obligations that correspond to SOLANA in terms of this privacy notice and the applicable legislation.

7. Modifications to the privacy notice. SOLANA reserves the right to modify or update this privacy notice at any time, due to legislative or administrative changes, or changes derived from the internal policies of SOLANA, its shareholders, affiliates and/or subsidiaries. These modifications may be consulted by sending a request to the following e-mail address: contabilidad@solana.mx

Last update: June 29, 2020